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Anyone in the world

我必須承認,English Sandwich 最近有些過度沉迷美國大選。歷史上有些重要的時刻,就像眼看火車失事正以慢速發生,很難轉移視線 ( Luiz : 我可以 ! Matt : 你當然可以!你會拔腿就跑 ! ) 。毫無疑問地,我們見證了一場失敗的政變,一場可能終結美國民主的政變。川普聲稱,能讓他大選落敗唯一的方式就是有心人士的操縱,這顯示出一個像他這樣的權力主義者,正掌管世界最大的民主國家。一個獨裁領袖只有在民主與他立場相同的情況下,才會重視民主。然而當民主與其立場相悖時,他們動輒失去耐性,處心積慮讓民主屈居於自己的意圖之下。所幸,美國的民主精神已經展現它強大的力量,特別是法官身為憲法監督者表現恪盡職守,並非只是遵行總統意向 ( 這點正是美國與其他獨裁政權的主要差異) 。
We have to admit, we have been a bit obsessed with the American election at English Sandwich recently. There are times in history when it is like watching a train wreck happen in slow motion - you just can't look away (Luiz - I can look away! Matt - sure, you would be running!)! Make no mistake, we have just witnessed a failed coup in America, a coup that could have ended American democracy. Trump's assertion that the only way he could lose an election was if it was rigged against him, has revealed him as an authoritarian leader at the helm of the largest democracy in the world! And an authoritarian leader only has time for democracy as long as it supports him. When democracy turns against them, they have little patience for it, and seek to bend it to their will. Fortunately, America's democracy has shown its strength, particularly in the way the judges have done their jobs as watchdogs of the constitution, rather than serving the President's will (and this is the key difference between America and other dictatorships).

然而,儘管大敗,川普仍然拒絕讓步。他的自負讓他無法接受自己會輸的可能。在他訴諸法律挑戰的同時也昭告天下他即將連任。美國多數的專家都認為川普現正處於 'denial 否認' 狀態。'denial' 這個字來自拉丁語,'de-' 意指正式地,而 'negare' 意表否定 ( 它和 'negative 消極' 源自相同字根)。因此,'denial 否認' 適用於許多連續的情境。我們常說,人在哀悼所愛的人逝去時,可能會經歷'denia 否認' 的階段,因為我們無法面對失去的現實 ( 而川普現在正是 'in a state of denial 處於否認狀態' ) 。
Yet, despite losing big, Trump has still refused to concede. His ego simply cannot accept the possibility he could lose. He is launching legal challenges and still saying he is going to have a second term. Most pundits in America now argue Trump is in 'denial'. The word comes from latin 'de-' meaning formally, and 'negare' meaning no (we get the word 'negative' from the same root). So 'denial' is suitable for more series situations. We often say someone grieving over a dead loved one may pass through a 'denial' stage where they cannot face the loss (this is where Trump is now 'in a state of denial').

要如何記住這個不常見的字 ? Well~ 有個很棒的美式笑話:"Denial is not a river in Egypt. 否認不是埃及河"。'Denial' 聽來和 'The Nile 尼羅河' - 埃及的大河相似 。讓我們利用這點!記住這個句子: "Trump is in denial that the Nile is a River in Egypt! 川普否認尼羅河是埃及的一條河" ( Luiz : 你覺得這很好笑 ? Matt:well...是沒有川普認為自己贏了這麼好笑啦!不過… ) 。
How to remember this less than common word? Well, there is a great American joke. "Denial is not a river in Egypt." 'Denial' sounds like 'The Nile' - the name of the large Egyptian River. So let's use that! Remember this sentence: "Trump is in denial that the Nile is a River in Egypt!" (Luiz - you think that's a great joke? Matt - well, not as funny as Trump thinking he has won, but...).

Have a great week mastering English everyone!